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SINCE 2007
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A good brand is like a fine wine. It takes time to perfect.
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MAY 02–03, 2013
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our team with you in your office, for 5 days
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  • Brand Strategy

    We will research your goals and business development options, to create an effective, relevant plan to provide direction to your business.

  • UX + Design

    Not only will we create a unique look for your site, we will pair it with top functionality and usability options to communicate your brand message further, all manageable via an easy to use back end management system.

  • Coding

    Using the latest trends in technology, developing a project to be efficient and agile is our key priority.

  • iOS

    Mobiles are the future. We'll create a custom targeted brand, and design tailored with the best mobile technology platforms available to deliver a stunning new app for your business, whether that be a game, social app, productivity or camera app… we can handle it all.

  • E-commerce

    We aid you to Develop a marketplace to sell your product to your target audience providing clearly defined usability for optimized client conversion.

  • SEO / Digital Marketing

    There is no doubt that a website is not complete without the content & getting it found. It is the most vital element for brand communication, and providing the most effective service or product delivery message of your business easily. We will help you share your story.


"Ross, Alex, Sasha, Dmitri, Dima, Victor, Alina and the team at Flosites worked countless hours with me to create a site that translated my heart clearly.  I am, admittedly, not an easy project to take on.  When we started my project about a year and half ago, I had just had a baby and my life was suddenly flipped on it’s head.  I have gone through more change in the last year and a half than any other time in my life and the Flosites team was right there with me as I tried to translate that change into pixels on a screen.  They took all my crazy ideas and made them happen — in ways I never thought possible!"

– Lara Casey