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Customized vs Custom?

This is a popular inquiry question we receive daily.

“What is the difference between your custom and customized blog package?”

We hope that this blog post will help answer any questions to understand the difference between these packages, and why the price difference. As, in fact there is quite a large difference.

What do both blogs have in common?

Both are built using wordpress as a management system. Both all large images, social media integration and sharing, scroll down comments, an optional sneak peek, optional transfer of old blog posts into your new blog.

Now what is different?

Let’s start with the Customized blog, as this is becoming one of our most popular packages for clients who purchase branding with us also.

The Customized Blog:

The customized blog is basically a regular blog skeleton – now by that we mean, it is your regular vertical blog layout. Header, navigation, optional welcome, title of post, post content, comments and then at the bottom the archives and footer. This is general for most blogs, and what we have found is that whilst as many clients want custom functionality, many clients just want a custom design, and this is why we started the customized blog package.

The package includes:

– A custom design with your brand, style throughout the entire blog.
– 2-4 sub text pages
– A contact page with your chosen dynamic contact fields
– Setup of the new blog with optional transfer from your old blog to the blog on a chosen server.

Who is the customized blog suitable for?

– Anyone who wants a simple but unique blog to stand out from the their competitors, but with limited unique functionalities.

– If you are on a tight budget, but want to have a consistent brand throughout your online and offline collateral.


- Brandon Wong

- Chelsey of Mach C Photography

- J Castro Photography

- Brett Butterstein (with additional features)

- Lara Jade

- Whitney Elizabeth Portraiture

- Joey L




The Custom Blog:

It has been the most popular option for our clients since we first started Flosites 3 years ago. The custom blog is the main choice for clients who want a unique design and unique functionality.

The Package includes:

– A custom layout with functionality
– A custom unique design
– Up to 10 sub information pages (about, investment, resources, testimonials, vendors etc)
– A contact page with your chosen fields that can be integrated with studio management software (Tave Studio or ShootQ)
– Custom Flash Header
– Setup of the new blog with optional transfer from your old blog to the blog on a chosen server.

Who is the Custom Blog for?

– Those who have a blogging following and know what their clients are looking for, and know their market. We have found that clients who understand this get the most out of their package.

– Those who want to be completely unique in their online presence, or are wanting to make a mark quickly in their market.

Examples of Custom Blogs:

- Kirsten Lewis Photography

- Ben Chrisman Photography

- Rick Wenner

- Chris Chen Studios

- Daniel Usenko Photography

- Eden Photography

- Kimberly Brooke





All in all, both packages meet different needs, but both are very effective, and with both packages we are able to make custom requests with new features, and ideas.

If you have any further questions about our blogs, please let us know via email at info@flosites.com or in the comments below.

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