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I think at some stage everyone has had the heart breaking experience of a hard drive with lots of information, photos or data which you wished you had saved somewhere else, disappear, to then lose several days trying to salvage it, restore and to some extents send it to the Big Guys to pay a large sum of cash to get the content back… well sadly, this can happen with websites and blogs if you are not careful or aware of the potential hazards online also.

Backing up your blog and any online sites is one of the most important parts of your business. It is a shame that all of your efforts put into blogging, advertising, marketing, seo and administrating your blog can go to waste overnight. Whilst the majority of hosting companies do offer backups free or at a charge to restore, many do not offer up to date backups or backups at all. Therefore making sure your blog is safe and sound, with several restoration options is important.


Before we get into the backups, here are a few quick plugins that should be taken into consideration for any blog!

Spam Filters!

There is nothing worse than receiving tens of hundreds of spam weekly, and whilst there are many spam options out there, the one proven and successful option for wordpress is Akismet.


If you are wanting to take security to another level, and make sure all your options are covered, here are 4 useful plugins to do so:

Login LockDown – If someone is trying to login too many times from one location Ip Address in a certain time frame, it will cause a lock on that user.

File Monitor Plus – When changes are being made to your WP, you can be notified to know every step of what goes on with your blog or site.

WP Security Scan – Think of it as an anti virus for your blog, it checks your wordpress for any vulnerabilities.

Secure WordPress – Tightens your entire wordpress site, to remove, or hide any errors that may allow hackers opportunities to access your site.


We have created a shortlist of options to secure and backup your blog safely and easily without having to go through a trial and error solution to find which is best for you. We have made sure that all of these plugins are easy to install, provide automatic backup features and the user interface of the plugin is user friendly.

1. WP-DB-Backup – It is one of the most popular options, and is very easy to setup and install for your blog/site backups.

2. Vaultpress – This is personally our favorite, but it is a paid service but it is one that we personally have a lot of experience with and its a great solution.

3. BackupBuddy – It was created by one of the top WP providers,l and now has sleek integration to dropbox for backups. It isn’t a free solution but it has some interesting features.

notable options to mention:

MyEasyBackup – Another wordpress backup system that has a very easy to use interface and good documentation which offers easy backup options.

Automatic WordPress Backup – It is another option that uses amazon s3 servers as a backup option, but isn’t as updated as often as the above options.

These last few tips and words of advice will never fully guarantee you will be completely safe from being attacked or having malware issues with your site, but it can safe guard and greatly minimize the vulnerabilities for allowing them to happen, leaving you with a safe assured mind that your hard work one day won’t go to waste. So here is what we can recommend:


1. Choose a Good Hosting Company, make sure that you know their backup policy before signing up, and what options they provide. In our experience with hosting, we recommend only 2 main companies, we are not saying that they are the best of the best! but simply, if an issue comes up, they are the fastest to respond, and get the error fixed.

Blue Host:




2. Protect your blog with a STRONG SOLID PASSWORD. Usually this is the easiest way to have a site/blog hacked, because the passwords are easy to guess, or simply access, leaving you vulnerable.

Lorelle has a brilliant article on blogherald all about how to choose a password which is memorable but also bulletproof.

3. Staying up to Date! One of the easiest ways to get hacked is through old or expired plugins. Make sure your plugins/widgets are updated often.

4. Regular Backups - This is mentioned above, but is your lifeline… If your blog/site crashes, gets erased or goes missing be rest assured that your backup program will restore not only missing file directories, but also your database files.

5. Keep your wordpress blog version up to date. There is a reason why they update the versions, and it isn’t always because of new shiny features… generally its to close bugs, vulnerabilities or ways which hackers can penetrate and harm your site, so be sure to make sure that your versions the latest it can be.

6. Disabling right click. Being able to disable this option will not allow people to always view your source code, or to copy your content directly.


If you would like to check out many more options for security plugins, we found this useful post listing 25 plugins dedicated to secure your wordpress site. Click Here.

We hope that this post helps offer a few solutions to protect your content for the future, but if you feel that we have missed some noteworthy options please let us know in the comments. Thank you.


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