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So what exactly is a Blog Site?

You have probably heard about them several times, and have a general idea as to what they are, but still many people do not know the options and flexibility of a blog site, generally because of how the old setup for a portfolio and blog used to be.

The first blog sites, where essentially a blog with galleries. The layout was a blog, the galleries where either html or flash, usually from a drop down… which is still a great solution, if your primary model of gaining clients is through blogging, but still showcasing your gallery portfolios. However, since wordpress has progressed and will continue to adapt and change options over time, the new concept of a blog site, is more of a portfolio style site, but the blog will be within it, in the same layout.

Now what does that mean for most people:

– You may keep the conventional marketing technique of having a site, and a blog separately, but for management it is all one system.

– Improved seo, as everything is in one place, linked to each other from the home page to the blog.

– Mobile Friendly, as everything will be html, and connected it will allow for seamless viewing on mobile devices, or if you plan to take it a step further, being on a wordpress platform you have many third party plugin options to convert your site to a full mobile version.

– Flexibilty, with your blog site on wordpress it will allow many options over time to upgrade, and add new plugins to improve your social media, seo, and over time being able to update your design theme on wordpress will be more cost efficient, and save time in development, without having recreate your content as long as you keep the same functionality.

All in all a blog site is a very smart solution if you want to bring everything under one roof, to be easy to manage, enhance your google juice, and adjust with upcoming trends which being on WordPress will allow you to do this easily.

Flosites Offers several Blog Site Packages, and our most popular all in one Package which are separated as follows:

So there you have it, a broken down list of the portfolio blog site options, as well as the all in one Package. For those who really want to revolutionize their visual branded business with a new logo and portfolio blog experience online, the all in one package offers every client that.

If you are interested, check out a few of our all in one client examples:

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